GameMasters Toolkit Unreal, Unity & Godot Engine Humble Bundle

The GameMasters Toolkit Humble Bundle is a collection of assets, environments and tutorials for the Unreal, Unity and Godot game engines. It’s from Leartes Studios and is redeemed on their new Cosmos store. As with most Humble Bundles, this one is organized into tiers:

1$ Tier

Unreal Engine Create Auto Landscape Material

Unreal Engine 5 Level Tutorial 1 (Time lapse tutorial)

Fantasy Interior Environment

Object Distribution Tool

Mid Tier

Unreal Sensei Lighting Fundamentals

Unreal Engine 5 – Create Zombie Survivor FPS Game

Maya & Unity 3D – Modeling Lowpoly Tree for Mobile Games

Unreal Engine Create Advanced Water Shader

Mastering GoDot Game Engine

Create Your First RPG And FPS Multiplayer Game In Unity

Unity Game Development: Create 2D And 3D Games With C#

Modeling Tutorial 1 (Maya + ZBrush + Substance Painter Game Ready Prop Tutorial )

Unreal Engine Home Interior Pack

Unreal Engine FPS 4K Western Guns – VOL.1

Unreal Engine Sci-Fi / Futuristic Corridor(Unreal)

Unreal Engine Victorian Decayed Alley Environment

Material Assignment Tool (Tool)

Florence Cathedral Pack ( Cathedral Environment / Cathedral Props ) (Unity)

500+ Fantasy Icons (Unity)

Master Unity By Building 6 Fully Featured Games From Scratch

25$ Tier

Unreal Sensei Lumen Tutorial

Abandoned Industrial Environment

Unreal Sensei Lightmass Tutorial

Historical Museum (Unity)

Modern City Environment Megapack

Unreal Engine Unreal Sensei 03 Path Tracing

Unreal Engine 5 – How to Make Awesome Cinematics

Unreal Engine 5 – Make AAA Game Vehicles

Unreal Engine 5 – Environment Design

Unreal Engine 5 – Blueprints Game Developer Masterclass

3D Game Development With GoDot Game Engine

Unity Game Design & Development : 20+ 2D & 3D Projects

Unity Android Game Development : Build 10 2D & 3D Games

Cyberpunk Handguns

Cyberpunk Shotguns

Sedan Car Vehicles Set Driveable / Animated / Realistic (Set of 4)

SFX Post Apo Diner

VFX Water Visual Effects

Unreal Engine Medieval Tavern (Unreal)

Unreal Engine Modern Office Environment

Unreal Engine Coffee Shop Environment

Unreal Engine Abandoned Hut in Tropical Island

Stylized Indian City ( Stylized , City )

Stylized Wizard Room

Ultimate Level Art Tool

Modular Stylized Christmas Market( Unity)

Stylized Paris Street (Unity)

Bowling Alley (Unity)

Stylized Cyberpunk Arcade Environment (Unity)

75% Discount Code

As with all Humble Bundles you decide how your funds are allocated between Humble, charity, the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do!) to help support GFS using this link. You can learn more about the GameMasters Toolkit bundle in the video below.

If you are interested in using Unreal Engine assets in other tools or engines, after checking the license to make sure it’s permitted, you can check out our technical guide on exporting from Unreal Engine to Unity, Godot or Blender here. For details on the legality of using assets from one game engine in another game engine check out our guide available here. If you are looking at the best way to export assets from the Unity game engine check this article hereand if you want Unity to Godot specifically, check this article here.

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