Godot 4.2 Beta Released

Coming just 3 months after the Godot 4.1 release the Godot Foundation have just released Godot 4.2 beta. This is the first beta release, meaning that the features shipping in version 4.2 are now frozen and from this point on it will just be bug fixes and improvements. This release contains over 1200 improvements including better C# support, GDScript improvements, Tilemap improvements, better GLTF importing and exporting and tons of UX fixes and changes across the entire engine.

Details for the Godot 4.2 Beta release:

Over the course of the last 3 months 270 contributors submitted more than 1200 improvements for the Godot 4.2 release!

Among these changes are both necessary bugfixes and exciting new features, turning Godot 4 into an even better and more polished tool for you to realize your game and app ideas. There are many more improvements to come, but for now we draw the line here and turn our efforts towards stabilizing the engine so it can be released officially at the start of November.

This means, it’s beta testing time, and you are invited to offer your hand in squashing bugs and identifying usability issues. Help us make sure that in Godot 4.2 there are no crashes or unexpected regressions, and that performance is no worse (but preferably better) than before. Godot is developed by its community, and it’s thanks to people like you we can be sure in the quality of our collective work!

Please, consider supporting the project financially, if you are able. Godot is maintained by the efforts of volunteers and your donations go towards sponsoring their work and ensuring they can dedicate their undivided attention to the needs of the project.

Key Links

Godot Beta Release Notes

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We go hands-on with several new features in the Godot 4.2 beta and go in-depth with the release notes in the video below.

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