Krita 5.2 Released

The free and open source digital painting application Krita just released Krita 5.2. Krita is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android. The 5.2 release is described as:

After 5.0’s big resource rewrite and 5.1’s general improvements, we decided that Krita 5.2 should focus on tackling some of the biggest pain points in Krita. As such, this release contains a lot of background work that we hope to build future improvements on top of, as well as a healthy assortment of new features and fixes!

Some highlight features of the 5.2 release include:

  • animation and audio syncing improvements
  • FFMPEG is now included with Krita
  • new text lout engine with the following new features
    • text on path
    • vertical text
    • wrapped text
    • text in shape
    • OpenType features and emoji support
  • new color aware fill and selection tools
  • several new shortcuts and a ClipArt Studio compatible mode
  • new wide gamut docker support
  • several file format handling improvements
  • wrap around directions added to wraparound mode
  • many other fixes, improvements and features

Key Links

Krita Homepage

5.2 Release Notes

You can learn more about Krita 5.2 and see several of these new features in action in the video below.

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