Godot 4.1 Beta Released

Three months after the release of Godot 4 yesterday the first beta of Godot 4.1 was released. There are a combination of refinements to the Godot 4 release, your usual bug fixes and improvements as well as some exciting new features.

New Features Include:

  • the ability to move Script Editor and Shader Editor to their own windows (ideal for multi display setups)
  • ability to add and filter by tags in the project manager
  • addition of static member variables in GDScript language
  • improvements to the GDExtension system
  • experimental implementation of multi threaded scenes
  • tighter control over particle systems for technical artists
  • improvements to the navigation systems
  • rendering and vulkan shader improvements
  • C# support for global classes

This release contains dozens of other improvements, as well as a variety of bug changes, fixes and improvements. The full list of changes is available in the release notes available below.

If you are an AMD user on Windows, be aware of this important known issue:

Windows users with an AMD GPU might find the OpenGL renderer crashing, notably affecting the project manager which defaults to OpenGL (GH-77760). The regression was introduced in 4.1 dev 4 and was fixed shortly after the beta 1 release, so it will be solved in the upcoming beta 2 build. As a workaround, you can force opening the project manager with Vulkan using Godot_v4.1-beta1_win64.exe --rendering-driver vulkan on the command line.

Key Links

Godot 4.1 Release Details and Download

GDScript Character Repository

Godot GitHub Repository

You can learn more about the new features and changes in the Godot 4.1 feature and see several of them in action (including GDQuest’s new GOBOT open source 3D character) in the video below.

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