Fyrox Rust Game Engine 0.30 Release

The open source Rust powered Fyrox (originally RG3D) game engine just released version 0.30, the biggest update to the engine since it’s initial release. Fyrox is one of two major Rust game engines (the other being Bevy, although Rust extensions for Godot also exist) and it is the game engine with the most tooling available. This means Fyrox is the closest thing you will find in the Rust ecosystem to Unity or Godot. The 0.30 release contains a number of upgrades to both the editor and the core engine, with a heavy focus on animation tools.

Key features of Fyrox 0.30 include:

  • Animation improvements:
    • root motion support
    • blend space editor
    • blend shape support
    • ability to animate material properties
  • Android platform support
  • “headless” mode for game server development
  • audio system refactoring and improvements
  • scene graph improvements
  • removal of 64 bone per mesh limitations
  • updated editor UX and various improvements
  • support for user created resources
  • several terrain system improvements
  • various other improvements, fixes and changes

Key Links

Fyrox Home Page

Fyrox 0.30 Release Notes

GitHub Repository

Station Lapetus Demo Game

Fyrox Book

You can learn more about the Fyrox game engine and the Fyrox 0.30 release in the video below.

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