Godot Little Camera Preview Add-On

Earlier this week we discussed the excellent Phantom Camera Add-on for the Godot game engine. One of the nicest features of this add-on was the optional camera preview window, something I commented about being missing from Godot. In a quirk of timing a new add-on was released that adds exactly this functionality to the Godot game engine, the Godot Little Camera preview add-on.

This add-on enables you to preview the currently selected camera, like you can with pretty much every other 3D engine out there. It’s a small but glaringly missing feature when using the Godot game engine. The add-on also enables you to pin the currently active camera preview ( so it remains displayed once the camera is no longer selected ). You can also resize and move around the preview.

Key Links

Godot Little Camera GitHub Page

Godot Asset Library Entry

You can learn more about the Little Camera Preview Add-on for Godot in the video below.

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