GodotCon 2021

Due to the ongoing global pandemic in 2021, this years GodotCon is an online virtual affair on Saturday, January 23rd. There are a number of pre-recorded talks on all aspects of using the Godot game engine, as well as live chat with many of the contributors.

Details of GodotCon from the Godot Engine blog:

Our online GodotCon meetup for contributors, users and game developers, will happen online this Saturday, January 23rd, from 8:45 UTC to 16:00 UTC. We hope to have you join us for this long-awaited moment of knowledge sharing!

We have received many talk submissions from people from all over the world and while it was a heartbreaker, we had to make some selections to fit in the schedule. We want to thank warmly all the people who proposed a talk.

Because of the incredible quantity of interesting proposals, we will try to host another conference soon, so if your talk didn’t make it this time, please consider submitting it for the next event! Thank you all for your patience with us, we already learned a lot from this experience and we can’t wait to work with you again!

If you are unfamiliar with UTC time you can use this handy converter to see your local time. The full GodotCon 2021 schedule of talks is available here in PDF format. You can learn more about GodotCon 2021 in the video below. If you are interested in learning more about the free and open source Godot game engine, check out our complete tutorial series available here.

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