Huge Unreal Engine Old West Asset Giveaway

Earlier this month when Epic Games announced this months free assets, there was no addition to the permanently free collection. Whenever this has happened in the past there was another release of free assets later that month, and February 2023 has proven no exception!

The Unreal Engine Old West giveaway is a huge collection of Western themed assets across 7 modular packs, as well as one project the Old West Learning Project (weighing in at almost 20GB!) that puts them all together to create a realistic environment.

The Old West Learning Project is described as:

Explore Northwood, USA — This lumbertown situated in the lower drylands along the river coming down from the mountains hosts the workers and residents of Northwood. This small lumber and work based town is used to float lumber from high up in the mountains down to be processed and then taken into neighboring cities for use.

  • 6+ Unique building structures built in parts to allow for reuse and reconstruction of
  • additional structures
  • Riverbed and ravine space to allow VFX lesson to explore and showcase fluid sims
  • 4 interior spaces set dressed for exploring as player character
  • Landscape spline based roads and tracks
  • Multiple modular bridge and walkway structures
  • Collisions and level setup for design usage and interactivity
  • Lighting, post processing, and cameras to showcase the space

Please note that these assets are explicitly marked as being for use in Unreal Engine only, so you cannot use them in any tools or game engines. If you are an Unreal Engine developer however, you can use these assets for free, even in commercial projects.

Key Links

Old West Learning Project

All The Packs From Dekogon Studio

You can learn more about the Old West asset giveaway for Unreal Engine, and see all of the asset packs and the learning project in action in UE 5.1 in the video below.

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