Unity Lunar New Year Bundle 2024

The annual Unity Lunar New Year bundle is now live, with the ability to save up to 95% dozens of Unity assets. It is organized into three different tiers and if you buy a higher dollar value tier you get all of the other assets as well.

The Unity Lunar New Year 2024 bundle consists of the following assets:

20$ Tier

Fantasy Game Sound Effects

Curve Master

FlowReactor – High Level Visual Scripting

25$ Tier

Battle Sound Library – Magic & Melee

Fantasy Heroes: Character Editor

Dark Fantasy Gigantic Environment

30$ Tier

GUI Pro – Fantasy RPG

Fluffy Grooming Tool

Sensor Toolkit 2

Fantasy Monsters Animated MegaPack

Grabbit – Editor Physics Transforms

2D Fantasy Sprite Bundle

2500+ Stylized Textures Megapack

Fantasy Map Creator

The Illustrated Nature

2D TopDown Tilesets Fantasy Dreamland

Fantasy Forest Environment

Mobile Tools v2.0

Runtime Transform Handles

Runtime Level Design

vHierarchy 2

You can learn more about the Unity Lunar New Year 2024 bundle in the video below. The above links contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a small commission if used (and thanks so much if you do!).

If you are looking at the best way to export assets from the Unity game engine check this article here and if you want Unity to Godot specifically, check this article here. For details on the legality of using assets from one game engine in another game engine check out our guide available here

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