O3DE 23.10 Released

The first major release of O3DE since the 23.05 release in May, O3DE 23.10 was just released. O3DE is the open source project spawned from Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine, which itself was created from a fork of CryEngine. This release adds several new features (that I struggled to get to work) such as prefab instance support, new rendering features and more.

New features of O3DE include:

With the O3DE 23.10 Release comes several workflow enhancements, including unprecedented automations:

  • Employ prefab overrides to change the details of objects (a car or house, for example) without having to create a new object
  • Use script canvas for small graph nodes to handle simple arithmetic operations
  • The document property editor allows tools creators to use data to create their UX rather than having to write the code or understand QT and filtering
  • Easily and quickly publish content without the command line using¬†automation improvements for installation

This newest release introduces a variety of visual and performance improvements to the rendering system:

  • Better memory support: Vulkan Memory Allocator (VMA) support and DirectX Memory Allocator (DX12MA)
  • Mesh instancing
  • Mobile shader performance improvement
  • Framework for multi-GPU support 
  • Addition of raytracing reflections

Other improvements in this latest release includes improved ability to export projects from O3DE in Windows, Linux, Linux Server and iOS, along with build fixes for all platforms, including Windows, Linux and iOS.

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You can learn more about the O3DE release and the problems I encountered with it, in the video below.

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