MicroStudio Game Engine Adds Desktop Versions

MicroStudio is a free and open source game engine, we first checked out back in 2020 then revisited in 2021 when it was open sourced. We are revisiting microStudio today because it just released desktop versions for all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and even Raspberry Pi) enabling you to work offline. If you prefer to work in the browser, the online version is still available, as is the option of hosting your own local server.

In addition to the new desktop versions, there have been other recent updates including:

  • microScript 2.0: the new language is 100% backwards compatible with microScript 1.0. It comes with a new threading / coroutine system, preemptive by default, allowing to schedule tasks ahead of time, create periodic tasks or do heavy computations in the background without affecting the rendering flow. All this with a very easy syntax. It also brings new binary operators, prototypes for the core types, operator overloading (both for user-defined classes and core types).
  • offscreen images: load, create and modify offscreen images. Generate animated sprites or change sprites programmatically.
  • sounds: create sounds with code from scratch and play them.
  • save images, sounds or JSON objects to the user’s PC
  • the documentation has been completed with 2 new cheatsheets and 3 new advanced sections.

microScript is a Lua-like language, although if you prefer you can also develop using JavaScript, Lua and Python.

Key Links

MicroStudio Homepage

GitHub Repository


Itch.io Download Page

You can learn more about MicroStudio and see it in action in the video below.

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