New Moai SDK release. 1.4p0


After a 4 month pause, there has been a new Moai release.  They also removed sign up requirements to download the SDK ( which was misleading before, so nice move ) as well as added nightly builds for those that like to walk on the wild side.


The biggest new features are android keyboard support ( finally! ), better threading and off screen frame buffering.  The full changelog is below


tTerrainMask () to MOAIPathFinder; renamed setTerrainScale () to setTerrainWeight ()
* Some work has been done on threading. Check MOAIThread.
* added support for default texture; finished async load; samples for async texture load
  and default texture
* added support in MOAIDataBuffer to detect zip files, inflate on load; added inflate on load
  support to MOAIDataIOTask
* moai coding style guide in .doc format
* first phase of offscreen rendering architecture completed
* added setClearColor () to MOAILayer
* samples to test multiple viewports inside an offscreen buffer
* integrated sfmt random number generator
* Merged playnomi contribs to MOAIImage, MOAIImageTexture, MOAIParticleSystem and MOAIParticlePexPlugin


by Adam Villalobos ( )
* Adding GCM support ( replacing C2DM ) to Android host.
* Adding file not found log if a texture file fails to load
* Fixing build errors for DataTaskIO
* Fixing issue with setting visibility not properly updating dependencies
* Fixing bug with Font reloading on Android
* Added Android keyboard support


by John Copic ( )
* Adding sfmt lib to android build.


by JoakimBlomberg ( )
* Script node apply of attributes should unpack attribute id or it will not be applied


by Bogdan Tatarov ( )
* adding MOAIUnitzSound::_getFilename()


by mxttie ( )
* updated box2d physics sample adding mouse manipulation using mouse joint


by Tommo Zhou ( )
* fix edge case that new-created-paused action cannot receive further update
* fix: MOAIImageTexture not override OnInvalidate


by Antonio ( )
* Initial Camera Support for iOS


by sporksmith ( )
* Log file-open failures


by Clement Farabet ( )
* Fixed VSYNC issue for OSX host.
* Added missing files to iOS (XCode) project.


by Francisco Tufro ( )
* Several fixes in build systems for all platforms
* New release script in bin/distribute


by Stephen Belanger ( )
* Recommended to enable this with C-Ares


by Ben Borowski ( )
* Adds call to FMOD update to iOS sample project.


by Robert Wahler ( )
* GlutHost will run "main.lua" if host binary is called without arguments
* add Lua global ‘arg’ that mimics the lua/luajit built-in global ‘arg’ to GlutHost


by Alexey Zankevich ( )
* MOAIJsonParser fix – checking if lua number is integer has been added
* Fixed MOAIEnvironment.screenDpi nil issue for Android
* Fixed MOAIEnvironment.screenDpi nil issue for iOS host


by Seebs ( )
* Clarify description of textbox color escapes, fixing one typo and reducing confusion
  between number of bits and number of values represented.
* Terser output
* add (untested) support for controlling GL blend equations.


by ChairGraveyard ( )
* Add support for collideConnected flag to MOAIBox2DWorld::_addRopeJoint
by out-of-pixel ( )
* Fixed last Key Error from MOAIAnimCurve


by superquadratic ( )
* Fix Clang 4.2 (Xcode 4.6) Compiler Warnings


They also changed the file structure as follows:

bin/ Development binaries for Windows and MacOSX, Linux will be added soon
docs/ Documentation for this release and attribution images
hosts/ Source and IDE projects for the different platform’s hosts
include/ Include headers
lib/ Compiled (static and/or dynamic) libraries for all the supported platforms
samples/ Moai SDK feature samples


Head on over to the Moai website to download.

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