Phaser 3.23 | Defold 1.2.168 | Verge3D 3.1 For Blender

Welcome to another NewsFromScratch game development news round-up. Today we have 3 different game engine releases, Phaser, Defold and Verge3D.

Phaser 3.23 Released

This release of the Phaser open source HTML5 game framework brings an important milestone in reaching 100% coverage of the entire API, including private members. This task also resulted in better Typescript bindings as well. New features were also added to the framework, including a new Rope object for deformation effects.

Defold 1.2.168 Released

The Defold game engine is a free and cross platform Lua powered game engine. It just received a minor update in the form of the 1.2.168 release, which includes the ability to run the engine while iconified, as well as finer tune control over URL handling. If you want to learn more about Defold, be sure to check out our Defold Crash Course tutorial hosted over on

Verge3D 3.1 For Blender Released

Verge3D is an engine for exporting Blender scenes to the web, while adding logic using their simple Puzzle system. This release adds support for VR Controllers, new Vector logic blocks, an improved physics engine including a new lighter and faster WebAssembly version and more. You can check out Verge3D for Blender in action here.

You can learn more about all three releases in the video below.

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