PlayN for iOS?

I am noticing from web logs a number of people are searching to discover if PlayN supports iOS as a target.  The short answer is no, the medium answer is maybe and the long answer is probably soon.

As it stands today PlayN targets Android, Java, HTML5 and Flash but no iOS.  That said HTML 5 and possibly Flash ( need research if the output from PlayN can be imported into Flash for export to iOS ) can be run on iOS 4 or higher devices.

Those looking for native iOS support though can take heart.  Take a look at issue 79 in the PlayN Issues list:

1. Implement a C (or Objective-C, if need be) backend for the GWT compiler  (I'm told @cromwellian has a very rough prototype of this).  2. Implement the ForPlay abstractions in terms of native iOS APIs.  3. Profit.

So, no, iOS native support is not available in PlayN, yet.  It is however on the radar, and the person whose radar it is on, is obviously a Slashdot fan!

We have to remember, PlayN is an extremely young product, which will hopefully evolve quickly, so stay tuned!

Deep down inside I really wish Google kept the horrifically un-PC but much funnier ForPlay name! Understand why they didn’t, but that doesn’t make it any less of a shame.

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