Quixel Megascans Trees Released Free For Unreal Engine Developers

Today, Quixel who were purchased by Epic Games back in 2019, just released a free dynamic tree pack for Unreal Engine. More then just a simple collection of scanned trees and foliage objects, this pack contains a full season control system, dynamic wind and support for multiple LODs. This is the first pack in a series and this one focuses on European trees.

Details from the Quixel blog:

Today we’re introducing the long-awaited early access of ‘Megascans Trees’, a brand new asset type unlike any we’ve released before. Far from being ‘just another type of foliage’, our first pack, available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for free, is the culmination of extensive research, development and iterations on how to capture these complex and beautiful living things.

In order to do justice to the magnificence of trees and create a faithful adaptation of nature, our approach has been a scientific one, relying on botany and deep knowledge of how trees grow, react to light, wind and respond to seasonal changes. The result has been not just a set of assets but also a powerful foliage master material to control seasons and wind.

Technical details from the Unreal Engine marketplace:

Total number of unique meshes: 22

Vertex count per mesh:

Matured Trees: [LOD0 20k-640k] to [LOD5 1k-13k]

Saplings: [LOD0 1200-32k] to [LOD3 100-2k]

LODs: seedlings/saplings 4, full trees 7

Lightmap UV’s: Yes

Collision: Yes

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 96

Number of Material Instances per tree: 1-5

Number of Textures: 14 Tree, 44 Impostor, 88 Pivot Painter

Texture Resolutions: 8k

Not yet in Quixel Bridge, the pack is an 8GB download, which is free for Unreal Engine users (and only Unreal Engine users).

Key Links

You can learn more about the free Quixel Megascans Tree pack and see it in action in the video below.

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