Rust Game Development in 2022

The Rust programming language has consistently been ranked as the most popular programming language on Stack Overflow surveys, and being a systems level programming language, Rust game development is an obvious use. While still fairly young, there are several frameworks and engines developed using the Rust language for game development.

Today we are going to look at several options, including:

Amethyst Engine

Piston Engine

Bevy Engine (Learn More)

Fyrox (Learn More)


GDNative (Godot) Bindings for Rust

Raylib Bindings

SDL2 Bindings

SFML Bindings

If you are interested in learning more about game development libraries, frameworks, bindings and engines for Rust, the first place to stop (well second, you’re here already!) is Are We Game Yet? You can learn more about the above linked game tools and Rust game development in the video below.

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