Sprite Fusion – Easy to Use Map Editor with Godot and Unity Support

Today we are checking out Sprite Fusion, a free to use browser based Tilemap editor. Sprite Fusion has integrated export for Unity and Godot, as well as GB Studio, PNG and JSON.

Key features of Sprite Fusion include:

  • Load your tilesets using simple Drag-and-Drop or clipboard paste.
  • Craft your levels using an intuitive tile map editor with single or multiple tile selections.
  • Directly export your map as a native Unity Tilemap or a Godot TileMap Scene.
  • Sprite Fusion includes an easy-to-use auto tile system right out of the box for swift terrain design.
  • Simply export your tilemap as a Unity package or a Godot scene, with no custom code – simply drag and drop it into your engine!
  • Sprite Fusion can export your projects as compact JSON format, enabling effortless sharing.
  • Design your tilemap directly: absolutely free, no login necessary.

Key Links

Sprite Fusion Homepage

Discord Server

Editor App Link

Alternative 2D Level Editors

LDtk (Learn More)

Tiled (Learn More)

You can learn more about Sprite Fusion in the video below.

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