Stride For Unity Developers

Ever since the massive backlash over the Unity Runtime Fee many Unity developers have been looking at the alternative game engines. To help users in this process we have started the _____ Game Engine for Unity developers series starting with the Godot Game Engine, followed by the Defold Game Engine. Today we look at the Stride game engine from the perspective of a Unity game developers.

Key Links

Stride Homepage

Synty Assets Demoed in the Video

Starbreach Demo from Video

Stride on GitHub

Stride for Unity Developers Documentation

Embracing Stride as a Unity Alternative Blog

Discord Server

In related Stride game engine news, the Stride team have just released the CEDEC demo Rescue Drone on GitHub under the MIT license.

You can see the Stride game engine in action and see the differences for Unity game developers looking for an alternative game engine in the video below.

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