Godot VPainter Add-On

VPainter For Godot

VPainter is an open source free add-on for the Godot game engine that enables you to paint directly on 3D models. There are two modes of operation, one is to paint on the vertices of the mesh, while the second involves blending up to 4 different textures into one seamless […]

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Godot Voxel Tools

Godot Voxel Tools

Voxel Tools is an open source and free C++ module for the Godot game engine that adds Voxel terrain support.  You can create both blocky Minecraft style maps, or smoothed realistic maps.Details of Voxel Tools features:Realtime editable, 3D based terrain (Unlike a heightmap based terrain, this allows for overhangs, tunnels, and user creation/destruction) Physics based […]

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Unity Acquire Bolt

Unity Acquire Bolt From Ludiq

Today Unity Technologies purchased the rights to the visual scripting solution Bolt 1 & 2 from Ludiq.  The asset is already under the Unity name on the asset store and community and development efforts will be shift to Unity Montreal going forward.Details from the Ludiq blog:Ludiq is proud to announce that its flagship visual scripting […]

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