Tiled 0.17.2 Released


The open source level editor Tiled just released a new version, 0.17.2.  Entirely composed of bug fixes, it does fix a rather nasty Qt incompatibility that was causing Mac OS X crashes.  If you are interested in learning more about Tiled, we have a comprehensive tutorial series available here.

Tiled 0.17.2 is just a small release with a few bug fixes. Potentially most importantly, it downgrades Qt from 5.7 to 5.6.2 for the OS X release because of crashes reported when Tiled is compiled against Qt 5.7.


  • Fixed bug with editing type and name for multiple objects
  • Fixed ability to change the image of a tile in an image collection tileset
  • Fixed wrong layer name getting edited when switching maps (#1396)
  • Fixed possible crash when missing tileset images and using tile animations (#1393)
  • Compiled against Qt 5.6.2 on macOS to avoid crashes with Qt 5.7 (#1354)

Thanks a lot for the support through Patreon and on itch.io! I’m only able to keep improving Tiled because of this support. If you are not supporting me yet, please chip in towards my next goal of being able to actually afford working on Tiled two full days per week! Thanks!


Tiled is available for download here with the source code available here.

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