Tiled 0.18.1 Released


Tiled, the popular open source map editor, just released version 0.18.1.  This release is entirely composed of fixes and improvements, with no new functionality added.  If you are interested in learning more about Tiled, we have a complete tutorial series available here.


From the changelog:

  • Fixed terrain brush for isometric staggered maps (#427, by Clyde)
  • Fixed crash when resizing map causes objects to get removed
  • Fixed crash when duplicating an object layer
  • Fixed position of image layer after Resize or Offset Map (#1418)
  • Fixed the quality of the minimap on HiDpi displays
  • Fixed Alt-drag behavior to not override resize handles (#14251)
  • When adding a new layer, insert it above the current one
  • GmxPlugin: Fixed positioning for non-tile objects and support scaling (#1426)
  • GmxPlugin: Export tile objects without a type as tiles
  • GmxPlugin: Support horizontal and vertical flipping
  • Windows: Fixed encoding problems with command-line output (#1381)
  • Windows: Fixed the architecture of shipped MSVC DLLs (#1338)
  • Updated Chinese translation (#1432, by Clyde)

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