Unigine 2.11 Community Launched

As mentioned earlier this week Unigine are launching a community version of their Unigine game engine, traditionally used in engineering and simulation industries.  The new Community version has much more indie friendly licensing terms, including free usage up to $100K USD annual income.

In addition to the new Community version, Unigine 2.11 was just released with the following new features:

  • Community Edition, free for non-commercial/academic projects and enthusiasts.
  • Optimized performance: async node update, optimized bounds calculation.
  • Better input handling and window management via SDL.
  • Improved particles shading.
  • C# Component System updates: renaming, simple inheritances, parameter conditions.
  • Significantly improved multi-channel rendering, revamped Syncker system.
  • Usability improvements and performance optimizations of UnigineEditor.
  • Fox Hole archviz demo with both desktop and VR modes.

You can learn more about the 2.11 features on the Unigine forums available here or by watching the Unigine launch trailer available here.  You can sign up for Unigine Community right here.

As always we do a deeper dive on Unigine 2.11 and Unigine Community in the video below.

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