Unigine 2.14 Released

Unigine 2.14 Released

The Unigine Game engine just released version 2.14, adding several new features to this game engine. Unigine recently added an indie friendly community license that is free for developers making less than $100K a year. The Unigine engine has been under development for more than a decade and offers C++, …

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Unigine 2.12 Released

Unigine 2.12 Released

Earlier this year Unigine  started Unigine Community a much more indie friendly version of their long running game engine.  Now several months later we have Unigine 2.12, but don’t let the small increase in version deter you, this release contains tons of new features including new particle tools, curve editor, animation tools, …

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Unigine 2.11 Released

Unigine 2.11 Community Launched

As mentioned earlier this week Unigine are launching a community version of their Unigine game engine, traditionally used in engineering and simulation industries.  The new Community version has much more indie friendly licensing terms, including free usage up to $100K USD annual income.In addition to the new Community version, Unigine 2.11 was just released with […]

Unigine Community Coming Soon

Unigine is a commercial 3D game engine used heavily in the simulation and engineering industry.  Last year Unigine started offering a game oriented license, however compared to Unity and Unreal, it was still quite pricey, especially for smaller or indie developers who make less than $100,000 a year.  Thankfully Unigine are offering a new Community […]

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