Unigine 2.18 Released

The Unigine game engine just released Unigine 2.18. This release is packed with new features including Direct3D 12 and Vulkan being default renderers, massive performance improvements across the board, new animation and rendering tools and much more.

Highlight features of the Unigine 2.18 release include:

  • DirectX 12 and Vulkan as primary graphic APIs
  • VR in-the-core: no plugins, unified API, wider range of VR devices
  • Numerous performance optimizations
  • Optimized RAM consumption
  • New event system instead of callbacks
  • Asynchronous shader compilation
  • Improved morph target support
  • (Experimental) animation system improvements (new API, basic IK, retargeting, frame masks)
  • Improved exposure and white balance correction
  • Local tonemapper
  • Multiple visual improvements: sharpen and blur for mipmaps, faster subsurface scattering, improved translucence, much more
  • OpenSSL support
  • Editor: batch rename, more visualizers, better world nodes hierarchy, updated cleaner, a lot of QoL improvements
  • New Drone demo-project
  • Free learning course

Key Links

Unigine Homepage

Release 2.18 Summary

Full Release Notes

You can learn more about the Unigine 2.18 release in the video below.

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