Aseprite 1.3 Released

Earlier this month the popular sprite painting an animation application Aseprite released version 1.3. This is a milestone release, as the last point release Aseprite 1.2 was released all the way back in 2017. Key features of this release include:

Tilemap/Tileset functionality
Dark theme
Skew transformation
Text fields for the transformation
Resize tags dragging borders
Repeat field for tags
Pick colors from the desktop
Z-index to re-order layers in specific frames
New mouse/pen stabilizer
Global user data to sprites
Ctrl+Shift+Drag mouse Change brush size + drag values customization from Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Drag Value
Shift+F7: Hide other layers on Preview window
Space+X/Space+H (flip horizontally), Space+Y/Space+V (flip vertically), Space+D (flip diagonally), Space+R (rotate): Flip/rotate custom brushes or tiles
New scripting capabilities like the canvas widget and tabs

Key Links

Aseprite Homepage

Buy Aseprite (Currently 20% Off) — Affiliate Link

1.3 Release Notes

Using Aseprite with Godot

Using Aseprite with Unity

You can learn more about Aseprite and the Aseprite 1.3 release in the video below.

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