Unity Lightning Sale Starts Today

The Unity Asset Store are running their first ever Unity Lightning Sale. The sale launches with 35 assets at an initial discount of 70% off, then once a certain number of assets are sold at that price, the discount drops to 60% then 50% off. If not all the allotted assets are sold at the 50% off discount, the sale ends on February 22nd.

While similar in structure to the 2021 Black Friday sale, which was not met with universal praise, the Unity Lightning Sale changes things by having a complete advanced list of items and when they are available right from the beginning. So you can head over to the sales page and browse through all of the deals and see in advance when they are going to launch. It will still be a race to be among the first, but it is at least more fair in approach.

Another thing to be aware of is you cannot add Lightning sales assets to your cart, you have to use the Buy Now button to get the maximum discount. This should hopefully cut down on some of the technical issues they had during the earlier sale.

Key Links

Lightning Sale Page

Unity Blog Describing Sale

You can learn more about the Unity Lightning Sale in the video below. The above links contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a small commission if used, and thank you very much if you do!

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