Unreal and Unity Humble Bundles

There are not one but two game development Humble Bundles on right now, the Unreal Apocalypse Essentials Reloaded and the Unity based Fantasy Realms Bundle by Dragonsan Studios. As with most Humble Bundles these are organized into tiers:

Unreal Apocalypse Essentials Reloaded

1$ Tier

Flag Generator

41 Animations for Monsters

Drunk Man Animations

Procedural Vehicles – Sedans

Realistic Decomposition

Sidewalk Debris and Trash

Animated Blood Decals

Semi-Permanent Blood Droplets

Curated Music Pack 8

Curated Music Pack 7

Curated Music Pack 6

Mid Tier

Police Car





Destructible Trailer

Zombie – Business Suit

Zombie – Dismembered Crawler Male

Zombie – Starved Male

Zombie – Cheerleader

Zombie – Bloated Female

Zombie – Bloated Male

Modular Suburban Metal Fence

Luggage, Suitcases and Handbags

Zombie – Army Soldier

25$ Tier

92 Animations for Warrior

Spear and Shield Animations

Survival NPC – Hank Murphy

Loop Pack 01

Unreal Music Pack 10

Unreal Music Pack 9

Weapon and Shield Animations

Survival NPC – Maria Estrada

Loop Pack 02

Book Generator

1940’s Abandoned Office

56 Animations for Creatures

Survival NPC – Michael Davies

Advanced Weapon Pack

The Fantasy Realms Bundle by Dragonsan Studios consists of:

1$ Tier

Gems and Crystals Icons

Food Icons

Fishing Icons

Goblins Complete Pack

Mid Tier

Herbs Icons

Orcs Complete Pack

Ogres Complete Pack

Loot Icons

Jewels Icons

Potions Icons

25$ Tier

Scrolls and Books Icons

Dwarves Complete Pack

Resources and Crafts Icons

Skills Icons

Human NPC Complete Pack

Humans Complete Pack

Elves Complete Pack

90% Dragonsan Coupon

As with all Humble Bundles you decide how your funds are allocated between Humble, the publisher, charity and if you so wish (and thanks so much if you do!) using this link for Unreal and this link for Unity bundles. You can learn more about both of these bundles in the video below.

If you are interested in using Unreal Engine assets in other tools or engines, after checking the license to make sure it’s permitted, you can check out our technical guide on exporting from Unreal Engine to Unity, Godot or Blender here. For details on the legality of using assets from one game engine in another game engine check out our guide available here. If you are looking at the best way to export assets from the Unity game engine check this article here and if you want Unity to Godot specifically, check this article here.

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