Unreal Engine March 2023 Free Assets

It’s the first Tuesday of the month of March, meaning it is time for another Unreal Engine marketplace asset giveaway. There are 5 free assets that are yours to keep forever if “purchased” (for $0) before the first Tuesday of April.

This months free assets include:

Art of Shader

MAE Oak Forest Environment

VaultIt! Multiplayer Vaulting System

Modern House

Opera Kit

This month there is currently no addition to the permanently free collection. Generally when this happens there is an announcement later in the month, such as last month’s Old West Assets. Considering that this month is also GDC, I wouldn’t be surprised at an additional announcement later in the month.

It is also possible they consider the earlier free release of the Free Control Rig and Mannequin asset pack to be this months permanently free content.

You can learn more about the Unreal Engine March 2023 marketplace asset giveaway in the video below.

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