Amazon Lumberyard 1.28 Released

Amazon have just released Amazon Lumberyard 1.28, their first release since the end of 2020. Considering it’s been almost half a year since the last release, there should be tons of new exciting features… right?

Well, no.

  • The new Twitch API Gem, which wraps the latest Twitch APIs. Now, you can integrate all of the latest features from Twitch into your game, and access them from both Script Canvas and Lua.
  • Quality-of-life improvements to the Setup Assistant and the Project Configurator. These improvements include clarifications around the installation type, clean up of the configuration options, and a progress bar to better track your builds in the Project Configurator.
  • Updated lmbr_aws CLI commands for managing several Cloud Gems, including the Player Account Gem, the Web Communicator Gem, and the Dynamic Content Gem. This coincides with a long-announced deprecation of the Cloud Gem Portal integration.

That’s it, other than several bug fixes and minor improvements. You can learn more about the release in the release notes available here.

Fortunately there are several interesting projects in the works on Amazon Lumberyard that should make future releases more interesting, including:

You can learn more about the Amazon Lumberyard 1.28 release and the future of Lumberyard in the video below.

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