Create a City in Minutes using Blender

In this video tutorial we show how you can create a city scene using Blender in just a few minutes. This tutorial requires you to have Blender 3.2.x or later due to Geometry Nodes requirements.

The stars of the show in this tutorial are a pair of free resources available on GumRoad:


Blender-OSM is a Blender add-on that enables you to import real world map data and create a scene with just a few clicks. Install the zip file as per normal, then be sure to set the Data directory in the add-on settings before continuing. Blender-OSM is capable of creating building models, but the results are rather primitive. That’s where our next tool comes in.


Buildify is a geometry nodes based scene that procedurally creates buildings out of pre-configured building blocks. The author also has a desert themed modular kit you can use. Buildify is able to create a building from a planer mesh but more importantly it can also be passed in to Blender-OSM and used as the building generator.

In the video below you can see how to use Blender-OSM and Buildify together to create good looking city scenes in just a few minutes. If you are a Unreal Engine user, it’s also worth checking out Altermesh, for adding Geometry Nodes support to UE4/5.

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