Flutter 3 and Casual Game Toolkit Released

At the Google developer Conference Google.io, the next release of Flutter, Flutter 3, as well as a new game development oriented toolkit, the Casual Games Toolkit, were released. The Flutter 3 release focuses heavily on bringing Flutter support to more devices with Linux, Windows and Mac now being official supported. Additionally Mac Silicon is now officially supported, bringing Flutter to M1 powered machines.

Details of the Flutter 3 release:

Today, we’re introducing Flutter 3, which is the culmination of our journey to fill out the platforms supported by Flutter. With Flutter 3, you can build beautiful experiences for six platforms from a single codebase, giving developers unparalleled productivity and enabling startups to bring new ideas to the full addressable market from day one.

In previous releases, we supplemented iOS and Android with web and Windows support, and now Flutter 3 adds stable support for macOS and Linux apps. Adding platform support requires more than rendering pixels: it includes new input and interaction models, compilation and build support, accessibility and internationalization, and platform-specific integration. Our goal is to give you the flexibility to take full advantage of the underlying operating system while sharing as much UI and logic as you choose.

On macOS, we’ve invested in supporting both Intel and Apple Silicon, with Universal Binary support that allows apps to package executables that run natively on both architectures. On Linux, Canonical and Google have collaborated to offer a highly-integrated, best-of-breed option for development.

A great example of how Flutter enables beautiful desktop experiences is Superlist, which launches in beta today. Superlist provides supercharged collaboration, through a new app that combines lists, tasks, and freeform content into a fresh take on to-do lists and personal planning. The Superlist team selected Flutter for its ability to deliver a fast, highly-branded desktop experience, and we think their progress to date demonstrates why it has proven to be a great choice.

In addition to the Flutter 3 release, they also announced the release of the open source Casual Game Toolkit. Additionally they released a new pinball game, source code and all, developed using Flutter and the Flame Game engine.

Key Links

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New Pinball Game (Game Source)

You can learn more about Flutter 3 and the new casual games toolkit in the video below.

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