Gigaya New Unity Game Sample

Today at GDC, Unity have announced the upcoming release of Gigaya, a 3D platformer sample demonstrating modern Unity game development. It is a complete vertical slice of gameplay using the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) as well as modern techniques such as ShaderGraph, VFX Graph and more. It was created by a 15 member team of artists, programmers and more and represents an example of the Unity team dogfooding their own game engine, from conception to publishing on Steam. The sample is consider a live project and will be updated continuously and learning materials and blogs will be produced over the projects lifespan.

Details of the project:

Gigaya is a living game sample that the Unity team is creating and powering with Unity tech. Explore Gigaya to see how the ecosystem of Unity tools and features work together to enable creators like you to realize all kinds of creative ambitions. Jump into the world of Okkeriel to find inspiration on how to bring your own game to life. Use Gigaya as a learning tool to up-level your skills, from programming to artistry, and engage with us as we continue to shape and evolve Gigaya.

Unfortunately Gigaya is not yet available for download, with the GitHub and Steam released dates being specified simply as “2022”. You can sign up on the Gigaya project page if you wish to be contacted when updates occur.

Key Links

Gigaya Project Homepage

Gigaya Announcement Blog

If you are interested in a similar project for Unreal Engine 5 development, be sure to check out Stack O Bots, which is available for download today. You can learn more about the Gigaya game sample project for Unity in the video below.

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