Godot Reels Released – Corona and Xenko Renamed

There have been several minor stories in the world of game development. Too small to be covered on their own, but significant enough to be covered in this summary.

This week’s game development announcements include:

Xenko Game Engine Now Called Stride

The Xenko open source game engine has just been renamed to Stride. This was due to Trademark issues with previous Xenko owners Silicon Studios. In addition to the Stride rename, we have been told to expect Xenko… er, Stride 4.0 shortly. You can learn more about Xenko/Stride here.

Corona Game Engine Now Called Solar2D

Another open source game engine, Corona from Corona Labs, has just been renamed to Solar2D. This name change is for obvious and unfortunate reasons. Additionally, they announced progress on their migration to a completely open source project. Learn more about the open sourcing of Corona/Solar2D here.

Godot Sizzle Reels Released

Godot have just released their showreel for 2020. In fact they just released 2, one for Desktop/Console and one for Mobile. Compiled from over 200 submissions, they highlight games in development using the Godot game engine.

GFS Discord Launched

Upon hitting 100K subscribers, we just launched the GameFromScratch official discord, and we have already got a community of 2K+ like minded game developers. Come join in the fun with this invite link. We have cake.

Learn more about all these stories in the video below. Also let me know what you think of this compilation format for minor game development news?

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