Odin 2 open source free synth based on JUCE

ODIN 2 Synthesizer VST

Recently updated, today we are checking out the free and open source ODIN 2 synthesizer. It is built on top of the JUCE audio framework (also open source). ODIN 2 is described as: Ever dreamt of a kickass synthesizer which is available on every platform? With a deep synthesis engine, …

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ZRythm DAW Review

ZRythm — Hands-On With The 1.0 Alpha Release of This New DAW

ZRythm is a DAW, or digital audio workstation, that just officially hit the critical 1.0 alpha release. With the alpha moniker you can of course expect some crashes and incomplete features. ZRythm is open source under the AGPL license with the source code hosted on GitHub. ZRythm works on Windows, …

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FamiStudio NES Style Audio DAW

FamiStudio–NES Style Music Editor

Today we are checking out FamiStudio, a lighter weight alternative to programs like FamiTracker, that make it easy to create 8bit style musical scores.  Features of FamiStudio include:Modern DAW-style UI with sequencer and piano roll, no hexadecimal anywhere Instrument & Envelope edition NSF import Full Undo/Redo support Copy & Paste support Note drag & drop […]

AudioMass Web Based Audio Editor

AudioMass Web Based Audio Editor

AudioMass is an open source browser based audio editor in the same vein as Audacity, designed to run in the browser but to not behave like a typical web applications.Features of AudioMass include:Loading Audio, navigating the waveform, zoom and pan Visualization of frequency levels Peak and distortion signaling Cutting/Pasting/Trimming parts of the audio Inverting and […]

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