Pang Chapter 7 is now live

  Yeah, I really took my sweet time on this one, but things are better the longer you wait, no?     In this chapter we get the ball rolling, literally.  Additionally we add collision detection and realistic rebounds.  On the C++ front, we introduce and discuss the various types of casts in C++.   […]

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In defense of C++

  You may have noticed many times on my blog that I am not the biggest fan of C++.  I hands down believe that it is one of the dumbest languages a user could learn with.  A good majority of programmers should never be exposed to C++ and should be happy if fate affords them […]

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Sony I hardly knew you…

So today, after 6 days of downtime I get word from Sony that apparently mine and 75 million other accounts have been compromised, including pretty much all of my personal information. Worst of all, this information included my password and possibly my credit card information.   This is an unforgiveable sin on many levels, but […]

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