Graphic Applications

  Autodesk 3ds Max The program most often used for creating game graphics, 3DS is probably the gold standard of 3D applications.  In recent years Autodesk has been snapping up all the competition and slowly they are becoming very similar.  Package does just about everything you could imagine, as well as having perhaps one of […]

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3D Graphical Applications

  The following is a list of most of the available 3D applications, links to their websites, current MSRP and a link to the downloadable version if available.  If I have missed any applications, please email me at [email protected] and I will rectify that.       Autodesk 3ds Max The program most often used […]

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List of tools used

I have published up a list of tools used/to be used, both for creating the game and for authoring the website.  In a few cases, tools that are just bloody useful in general are listed.  This is very much a live document, so I will be adding to it as time goes on.  Each program […]

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A blast from the past

In a recent forum conversation, it was brought to my attention a previous work of mine was now unavailable online.  You see, when XNA was a new technology I started writing a free book on the subject, working with the release candidate.  In the end I wrote 4 chapters, then Microsoft released XNA 1 and […]

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List of Programs Used

  The following is a list of programs used in the creation of GameFromScratch, both the game, the tutorials and the website.  I will be updating this page constantly.           Game Engine             Unity3D   Hands down the biggest software decision I had to make regarding […]

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What’s the difference between Crease and Extrude Normal in Wings3D

While working on an upcoming beginners guide to Wings, I put some thought into something I had never really thought about before…  what the heck was the “Crease” command for?  Functionally it seemed identical to extruding an edge along its normal.  After some messing around though, I figured out the very small but somewhat important […]

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When head meets wall…

So, choosing Blender for my art pipeline has some very big upsides, and a couple massive downsides.   Amongst the biggest downsides is that Blender is in the midst of a very long move from 2.4x to 2.5x, which means you are effectively using beta software in production.  Frankly, the 2.5x branch is probably as […]

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