The O3DE open source AAA game engine just released version 22.05 as well as a new open source multiplayer sample

O3DE 23.05 Released

O3DE, the open source game engine derived from Amazon’s Lumberyard just released version 23.05. The first major release of 2023 and one of only two scheduled releases, it is packed with fixes, features and changes. Additionally the just launched a large multiplayer demonstration project with source code and assets hosted …

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GameGuru MAX Game Guru Released Out of Early Access Version 1

GameGuru MAX Released

First released to Steam in early access back in March of 2022, the easy to use GameGuru MAX game engine v1 was finally released. This game engine is built on top of the open source C++ powered Wicked Engine (learn more here) and has added several critical features since the …

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The C4 Engine by Terathon Software just released version 7 at GDC23

C4 Engine Version 7 Released

The C4 Engine from Tarathon Software just released version 7 at GDC 2023. This is the first update to the long running source available commercial game engine since 2018, when it was briefly renamed the Tombstone engine. The upgrade is available for free for developers who own any previous versions. …

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Flax Engine FlaxEngine 1.5 released

Flax Engine 1.5 Released

The cross platform source available 3D game engine Flax Engine just released version 1.5. This is a fairly significant upgrade on the Flax Game Engine, which released v1.0 back in December 2020. The engine has come a long way in a short period of time. The 1.5 release adds networking …

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CopperCube the Free and Easy 3D game engine just released CopperCube 6.6

CopperCube 6.6 Released

CopperCube, on of the easiet to use 3D game engines just released version 6.6. Among other features, CopperCube 6.6 added the always popular Dark Mode for the editor. CopperCube is available for free, runs on Windows (and Linux via Wine) and is capable of targeting Mac, Windows, Android and WebGL …

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