Urho3D C++ Game Engine is Dead

Urho3D Is Dead…ish

We first discussed the Urho3D project all the way back in 2014. The open source, cross platform, C++ based game engine was first released in 2011 and recently experienced a schism the more or left has left the project as we know it dead. On the bright side, there are …

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RPG Paper Maker 2 Game Engine Review

RPG Paper Maker

RPG Paper Maker is a JRPG-style role playing game engine we first looked at roughly 2 years ago. Due to the recent release of version 2.0 we are going to revisit it. The engine is completely free for non-commercial use, the source code is available (but not open source) and …

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ct.js 3 JavaScript 2D Game Engine Hands-On Review

ct.js 3 2D Game Engine

The ct.js 3 open source cross platform 2D game engine recently released version 3.0. The ct.js game engine runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and the source code is available on GitHub under the MIT open source license. The engine comes with a full JavaScript API, several plug and play …

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Unigine Game Engine 2.16 Released

Unigine 2.16 Released

Unigine just released version 2.16 of their game engine. This release is the first (and most likely only) release in 2022 and is the first since Unigine 2.15 in Dec 2021. After nearly a year of development, there is quite a bit in this release including new Direct3D 12 and …

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