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CopperCube 6.5 Released

CopperCube, an extremely easy to use 3D game engine, just released version 6.5. We covered CopperCube in our in-depth CopperCube Game Development tutorial on CopperCube has a generous, nearly fully featured free version and is a great beginner 3D game engine as it requires no programming, but can be […]

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GDevelop 5 Leaves Beta

GDevelop 5 Leaves Beta

The GDevelop game engine (check our earlier coverage here) has just hit a major milestone, as they lose the Beta moniker. This is a move that should inspire confidence in developers wanting to use the game engine in a production environment. GDevelop is a free and open source cross platform

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Construct 3 Hands-On Review

Construct 3 Hands-On

We recently published our Easiest Game Engines guide which included among other engines the Construct 3 game engine. We did a review of Construct 3 all the way back in 2017 which is getting rather dated. Therefore we have decided to do a quick hands-on revisit of the Construct 3

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