Unigine 2.13 Released

The Unigine engine just released version 2.13. The new release includes an all new GPU based lightmapping tool, a new terrain generation tool, improved clouds, better lighting and a whole lot more. Since Unigine 2.11 there is a free community version available making Unigine a lot more viable for indie game developers.

Highlights of the release include:

  • GPU Lightmapper tool
  • Introducing SRAA (Subpixel Reconstruction Anti-Aliasing)
  • Upgraded 3D volumetric clouds
  • Performance optimizations for vast forest rendering
  • New iteration of the terrain generation tool with online GIS sources support (experimental)
  • Adaptive hardware tessellation for the mesh_base material
  • Project Build tool: extended functionality and a standalone console-based version
  • New samples (LiDAR sensor, night city lights, helicopter winch)
  • Introducing 3D scans library

For further information on the release be sure to check the much more in-depth release notes or watch the video below.

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