About design…

  This began life as a post here but it became long enough and IMHO important enough, I am going to clean up the spelling a bit and repost it here.  It was in response to a fairly new developer with a question about class design.     This is one of those things that […]

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Out of memory problems

  As is the joy of being a PC user, you are on occasion going to encounter Gremlins.  I’ve been doing this way too long and recently encountered a problem that I simply could not solve.  When rendering some video in Blender recently, I started getting out of memory errors, then my computer would crash […]

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Free tutorials available from Design3 until July 10th

  As I noticed on Design3 made a series of tutorials for Blender 2.5x UI navigation available.  Considering that the user interface may perhaps be Blender’s most difficult aspect for new users, these can be incredibly handy.    However, Design3 have made available all off their tutorials available for free until July 10th.  Considering […]

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Wings3D, Hotkeys and you.

    One thing you are going to find very different when working with Wings 3D is that there are very few hotkeys.  It’s very much user driven and it is expected that you will define hotkeys all of your own.  Right off the bat, there is one you should define, that of Cut->Edge.  This […]

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