Unigine 2.12 Released

Unigine 2.12 Released

Earlier this year Unigine  started Unigine Community a much more indie friendly version of their long running game engine.  Now several months later we have Unigine 2.12, but don’t let the small increase in version deter you, this release contains tons of new features including new particle tools, curve editor, animation tools, …

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Microsoft Join Blender Development Fund

Microsoft Joins Blender Development Fund

Microsoft has just joined the Blender Development Fund as a Gold Sponsor, joining the likes of Epic Games, Ubisoft, AMD, and NVIDIA.  Microsoft is currently using Blender in some in-house projects and will be supporting the Blender Development Fund to the tune of 30K Euro per year.  Details of the deal from the Blender website: Microsoft makes …

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Stride 4 Game Engine Released

Stride 4 Released

Stride, the game engine previously known as Xenko (and Paradox before that), just released version 4.0.  Details of the release from the Stride 4 release notes (no link possible currently).Thanks to a substantial contribution from Sean Boettger and sponsored by David Jeske, Stride now supports Voxel Cone Tracing GI!.NET CoreAs a first step toward .NET […]

OReilly Programming Language Humble Bundle

Programming Languages Books By OReilly Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Humble Book Bundle: Programming Languages by O’Reilly bundle.  This is a collection of ebooks covering a variety of programming languages.  This bundle includes the following tiers:1$ Tier97 Things Every Java Programmer Should KnowThink JuliaProgramming ScalaIntroducing GoLearning Perl8$ TierLearning SQLProgramming PHPR CookbookHead First KotlinUsing […]

Godot Voxel Tools

Godot Voxel Tools

Voxel Tools is an open source and free C++ module for the Godot game engine that adds Voxel terrain support.  You can create both blocky Minecraft style maps, or smoothed realistic maps.Details of Voxel Tools features:Realtime editable, 3D based terrain (Unlike a heightmap based terrain, this allows for overhangs, tunnels, and user creation/destruction) Physics based […]

Unreal Megagrant Status Update

Epic Games 42Million Giveaway

Today Epic Games announced an update to their ongoing Epic MegaGrants program, a series of grants to better the world of game development, media creation and open source technologies that have supported such products as Godot and Blender.  They are approaching the halfway mark with 600 recipients representing a total of $42M USD in grants […]

Unity 2020.1 Released

Unity 2020.1 Released

Hot on the heels of yesterdays announcement that Bolt for Unity is now free, today we have the release of Unity 2020.1.  There are several new features and improvements in this release including:improvements to the package management system and package curationnew packages in preview includingProfile AnalyzerKinematicaCinemachine 2.62D Physics improvements, including the 2D Physics Sample being […]

PlayCanvas Major Updates To Plans

PlayCanvas Plan Changes

The PlayCanvas HTML5 3D game engine just received a major update to the plans, adding major new features with no increase in price.  The new plans:The major changes are:5-10x increase on storage for all tiers Free: 200MB → 1GB Personal: 1GB → 10GB Organization: 10GB → 50GBCustomize the loading screen – remove PlayCanvas branding Download […]

Bolt Unity Add-On Now Free

Unity Make Bolt Visual Scripting Solution Free

Unity acquired Bolt from Ludiq back in May of 2020 although no further announcements were made.  Today however that all changed when Unity announced that the Bolt visual scripting solution for the Unity game engine will now be free for all tiers of Unity, including the free or personal tiers.  Bolt is available immediately as […]

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