Roblox going public with an 8B IPO

Roblox Going Public

Roblox, the popular programmable sandbox video game, have just announced their intentions to go public, seeking an initial valuation of 8 Billion dollars. After their most recent round of venture capital, Roblox is currently valued at half that, with a 4B$ valuation. Interestingly according to Reuters Roblox may go public …

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PCUI Open Source UI Framework Released

PCUI — UI Framework Powering PlayCanvas Engine Open Sourced

Yesterday PCUI, an open source UI framework for creating game tools and other web applications, was open sourced. PCUI is named as such because it is the UI layer powering the battle tested PlayCanvas game engine. It provides over a dozen controls, as well as implementing logic such as the …

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Lumberyard 1.26 Released

Lumberyard 1.26 Released

Amazon have just released a new version of their CryEngine derived game engine, Lumberyard. Lumberyard is free to use, with the source code available, so long as your multiplayer services are either self hosted or use Amazon technologies. The 1.26 release brings several new features, including several around quality of …

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