RPG Paper Maker 2 Game Engine Review

RPG Paper Maker

RPG Paper Maker is a JRPG-style role playing game engine we first looked at roughly 2 years ago. Due to the recent release of version 2.0 we are going to revisit it. The engine is completely free for non-commercial use, the source code is available (but not open source) and …

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Unity 2023 Layoffs

More Layoffs At Unity

Last June Unity announced they would be laying off 4% of their workforce, or slightly over 200 people. A few days back Unity CEO John Riccitiello announced that Unity would be laying off an additional 284 employees. Unlike the earlier layoffs though, these ones are mostly from overlapping positions, most …

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Haxe Programming in the Godot 4 Game Engine using HxGodot

Godot 4 Haxe Programming Extension HxGodot Released

Thanks to the new GDExtension functionality in Godot 4, it should be easier to more tightly integrate external programming languages, which is exactly what HxGodot does with the Haxe programming language. There are several Haxe powered game engines available and this extension brings support to one more. There are a …

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OPen Source painting application Paint.NET released version 5

Paint.NET 5 Released

Long running open source Windows-based graphical application Paint.NET just released version 5. The Paint.NET 5 release contains several new features, but the biggest among them is massively increased GPU support, pressure sensitive brushes and a new plugin system (which also takes advantage of the new GPU functionality). New features of …

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Duelyst CCG Open Sourced on GitHub

Duelyst Open Sourced

Deulyst, an online CCG or collectable card game first published in 2016, has just been open sourced. This release isn’t just the source code, but everything, the server component, the art assets, everything. The release is under the liberal Creative Commons license enabling you to do almost anything you want …

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