Any interest in an HTML 5 RPG tutorial series?

  I am just thinking about what project I want to embark on next and this is one currently in my head.  I am going to continue focusing on creating PlayStation Suite SDK tutorials but as a side project I am starting to think about creating a Massively Single Player Offline Role Playing Game ( […]

PS Suite sprite tutorial translated to Spanish

    A few days back I was contacted about translating some of my Vita tutorials into Spanish.  Well the results of that conversation are available here on  This is my spritesheet tutorial translated into Spanish.  I believe they are going to translate more tutorials in the future, so if you prefer reading Spanish […]

SpriteTile in PS SDK index starts in the bottom left?

  I just ran in to one of those massive annoyances while working on another PlayStation SDK tutorial covering the SpriteTile class.     A SpriteTile is used to group multiple sprites together in a single texture.  There are literally dozens of utilities for packing sprites and every single one of them starts at the […]

A quick look at RIM’s Gameplay 1.2 SDK

  I decided to take a quick look at the RIM Gameplay SDK I mentioned a few days ago.  I haven’t really gotten much into coding with it, but I have to say WOW did it ever get up and running quickly.  Cross-platform gaming libraries normally require a number of hoops be jumped through before […]

Blender plugin BSurfaces has been GPLed

  Previously available for 40$, Bsurfaces is now available freely under the GPL license.  This wonderful modeling/retopology tool should be added to your tool chest as soon as possible.  For more details on what BSurfaces offers, check here.     The following guide shows how to install BSurfaces, or for that matter, any Blender plugin. […]

Navigating and customizing Blender’s UI

    One of the biggest points of confusion for people new to Blender seems to be navigating the UI.  The UI layout of Blender is amazingly powerful but it is extremely easy to find yourself lost in a sea of windows and panels you’ve opened with no idea how to close them.  This video […]

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