Game Texture Viewer ACQUIRED by JangaFX and made free

Game Texture Viewer Now Free

Game Texture Viewer is a texture viewing and management application for game development that was just acquired by JangaFX and made available for free. If you are interested in trying out Game Texture Viewer, simply download the trial and activate with the product key: GPG7-33NS-KJ2K-CKGT. Game Texture Viewer is available […]

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RD-Textures Acquired By Quixel and integrated into MegaScans

Quixel Acquires RD-Textures

Quixel have just acquired RD-Textures and have finished incorporating their library of scanned textures into the Megascans library. Epic Games acquired Quixel back in 2019 and since have made the entire Megascans library free for Unreal Engine developers (and cheaper for all others). In fact, Unreal Engine 5 has Quixel

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